Relocation bonus of PLN 14,500 gross and additional benefits package for people moving from abroad.
You can participate in Relocation action++ program if, you meet the following conditions:

    your current place of residence is outside Poland, at least 200 km away from Wrocław or Poznań

    the job offer you are applying for is one on the following:

Additionally, we support your transfer to Wrocław or Poznań. People from abroad will receive a package of additional benefits, which includes:

  • assistance in assigning a PESEL number
  • assistance with formalities related to the bank account
  • help in finding a flat (links to websites)
  • assistance in finding a kindergarten / school for your children
  • residence card for a family member (for 1 person)

Conditions of getting the bonus Relocation action ++

To receive a relocation bonus, after joining Capgemini, you have 3 months to provide the HR department 
with a certificate of the place of work / order / service performance, issued by the previous employer / client / service provider.

The Relocation action ++  lasts till August 2022, selected positions are covered by the campaign.