You can use the Relocation Action if you fulfill three conditions:

   worked for at least a year based on an employment contract,

or performed a mandate on the basis of a mandate contract, in an average of 40 hours per week,

or graduated from university and the university you studied on a full-time study was located outside of Wrocław or Poznań,

or carried out the service on the basis of a B2B contract and it was not work on business trip,.

  the place of your previous work or university you studied on is settled not less than 70 km from the Capgemini office you applied to (distance measured in a straight line),

   The period between the completion of studies and starting a job at Capgemini must be not longer than 4 months.

Conditions for receiving

An employee may apply for the relocation bonus within 3 months from starting working on employment contract at Capgemini .You have to deliver to the HR department a certificate of the place of work/performance of the order/service issued by the previous employer/payer/service provider and in case of students - an university certificate or a diploma of graduation in order to receive the payment of the Relocation Bonus.

The Relocation Bonus lasts until 2021.