Before the recruitment process

In which file format should I send my CV?

Due to the fact that PDF is the best way to secure your personal data, send us your application in this format.

Can I send my CV in Polish?

Due to work in an international environment, it is easier for us to read applications in English or German. If your CV is sent in Polish, it may happen that we will also ask you to send a version in another language.

Will I be recruited for a specific project?

Capgemini recruits for a company, not for a specific project. Of course, we take into consideration your experience and preferences. It is our priority to make sure that you will work in the field of your interest.

My German knowledge is on level A1 / A2 - is it enough?

In most cases, we require from candidates only basic knowledge of German. If that's your level and you pass our initial language verification, at the beginning of your employment you will be offered to participate in a German language course appropriate for your level of knowledge.

I don’t speak German. Do I have any chance?

Yes, you have! In Capgemni we are carrying out more and more projects in English. There is no need to be afraid of lack of this skill.

Can I apply for several positions?

Yes, you can. If you are interested in several positions from our offer, select them in the appropriate order (from the most to the least interesting) in the application form.

Will I receive information from the recruiter if my application is rejected?

Giving feedback is our priority. The result of the recruitment interview is provided by one of the interviewers. If your application is rejected at an earlier stage, the recruiter will surely inform you about it.

Can I apply if I don't see the suitable position for me?

Of course, you can! Just because we currently don’t have recruitment needs for the position you are interested in, it doesn’t mean that the situation will not change in a moment. Send your application directly to the email address: with a note what type of profile you are interested in.

How can I make sure that the application has reached the recruiter?

After you submit your application, you will receive an e-mail confirmation from us.

I have a question about the position. Whom should I ask?

You can always send an email to

Is a B2B agreement possible?

Capgemini Software Solutions Center in Wrocław and Poznań offers only one form of contract with employees - an employment contract. The decision about that form of cooperation is the result of concern for employment stability.

Why does Capgemini not provide pay ranges in the offers?

The amount of salary is an individual matter, depending on the level of knowledge of the candidate and the overall result of the recruitment process. It is discussed with the manager.

During the recruitment process

How will we contact you for the first time?

If your application is approved, we will contact you by phone to arrange the date of the first stage of the recruitment process. If you are not available by phone - don't worry! We will e-mail you to invite you to the recruitment process. In case your application is rejected, we will also inform you by an e-mail.

How does the recruitment process look like?

More details about the recruitment process can be found here.

How does the recruitment process for the Starter Kit program (Java, SAP Tech) look like?

Recruitment process for the Starter Kit program consists of four stages. At the first stage, the candidates participate in a thematic lecture organized in our office. A few days later candidates take the test on the topic discussed in the lecture and in the same time take the German language test. The final stage is about a 20-minute non-technical conversation with the recruiter.

How long does the recruitment process take?

Recruitment lasts about two weeks but it mainly depends on the job position you applied for and yours and interviewers’ availability.

I was invited to the first stage of the recruitment process i.e. language verification. What does it look like?

The first stage, i.e. the conversation verifying your knowledge of German and/or English, is non-technical. Be prepared for some general questions about your experience. We may also ask you about matters completely unrelated to the work e.g. how you spend your free time. During the conversation we also ask about your availability and financial expectations.
Please remember that for most positions we only require basic knowledge of German!

How can I prepare myself for German verification?

We recommend refreshing your knowledge of the basic principles of language grammar: word order, modal and past tense verbs.

Would I have time to prepare for a language verification?

We are flexible in this matter! We always try to carry out the process as soon as possible, so we suggest the nearest possible dates, but if you need more time to prepare - just let us know.

Would I have time to prepare for a language verification?

We are flexible in this matter! We always try to carry out the process as soon as possible, so we suggest the nearest possible dates, but if you need more time to prepare - just let us know.

Will I get an information where the recruitment interview will take place?

Of course. After arranging an interview, we always send a confirmation email with instructions how to get to our office.

How long will an interview last?

If you applied for a technical position, the interview will last about two hours. The interview for an internship is shorter (takes about 1.5 hours). The recruiter will inform you if the meeting lasts longer.

What are the stages of an recruitment interview?

The interview is divided into three parts. At the beginning we would like to provide you with the most important information about our company and projects. We prepared for you a short presentation which lasts about 20 minutes. After that, interviewers will move on to questions and tasks that check your hard and soft skills (the type of question depends on the position). Finally, there will be time for some organizational questions (e.g. about your availability) and to discuss any doubts you have.

I will come by car. Can I park near the office?

Of course! We have parking spaces for candidates in both locations in Wrocław and Poznań. We will inform you about it in an email invitation.

May I expect questions in English or German during the interview?

Usually, the interview is conducted only in Polish. If the position requires a fluent knowledge of foreign languages, you might be asked during the meeting some additional questions.

Do I have to bring my CV or laptop with me?

No, you don't have to. All the necessary accessories to conduct a job interview will be available in the room.

How to dress for an interview?

We don't require a suit :) What we expect from you is business casual attire, i.e. neat and clean clothes.

How long does it take to get a decision after the interview?

Usually, the manager needs about a week to make a decision after an interview. If the waiting time is longer, we will inform you about that.

After recruitment process

I have signed a contract with Capgemini. What documents should I provide to HR department and by when?

In addition to the signed contract, you must also provide a work certificate and diplomas from completed schools. You can do it after work start, but remember that the sooner we receive the documents, the sooner we can calculate the appropriate vacation status.

Where can I get an information about my first day of work and working in the company before the work starts? Who can I contact regarding this matter?

After accepting our offer and signing the contract, on your private email address you will receive an access link to our onboarding platform, where you will find a lot of necessary information and interesting materials before starting work in Capgemini. You will also have the opportunity to meet future colleagues who will start work with you. On the platform you will also have the opportunity to contact the Ambassador of your future department. The ambassador will answer all your questions and provide all information.

How does the first day at work look like?

You will spend the first day at work on full-day onboarding. You will learn a lot of information about the company and everyday work at Capgemini, and you will participante in mandatory training (in accordance with Polish law). On the first day you will be looked after by Pate (buddy for onboarding), who will answer your questions and introduce you to the basic topics of functioning in a company. In addition, during breaks you will meet new colleagues from the team and at the end of the day you will pick up the equipment (laptop).

How does the implementation to work look like?

Implementation to work (in most cases) takes place in our office. On the first day of work you will be assigned to a supervisor (Pate) who will introduce you to the most important issues related to functioning in the company. On first days of work you will be able to ask all your questions to your Pate. However, with your manager you will discuss your development path as well as project responsibilities and tasks.

Will I often go on business trips? For how long?

It depends monstly on the project and your preferences. Usually, delegations are not long, last several days and take place up to several times a year. Longer work away is always discussed with the employee.

Are there trips to Germany only or also to other countries?

We travel to various countries; everything depends on where our client and/or other team members are based. There may be also business trips outside Europe.

Is there any possibility to change project in the future?

Yes, in Capgemini we care about “job rotation”. We want our employees to have an opportunity to work on various projects and to learn new technologies, operations models, etc. However, you should inform your supervisor about the need for changes and plan your own development path.

How can I develop myself outside the project?

Capgemini provides development opportunities not only through extensive training system but also through the policy of supporting non-project activities and employee initiatives. The best example are Communities, i.e. groups of employees around one topic or technology (e.g. .NET, Guidewire, QA). As part of Communities, you will have an opportunity to implement additional projects to expand your skills in the selected field.

Capgemini often funds for employee participation in various industry conferences, at the same time organizing own TechTalks. Thanks to this you will be able to not only learn about the latest technological trends as a participant but at the same time you will have a chance to present your own skills as a speaker.

Capgemini employees have a chance to participate in Toastmasters meetings that give great opportunity to improve their own presentation competences (and what is more - in German!). As part of the Ship IT Day initiative competition, you will be able to submit an original project that will be implemented as a part of company activities.

These are only selected activities which you will be able to participate in. About others you will learn as soon as you join Capgemini.

Other Questions

What clients and industries does Capgemini work for?

We create software for international entities from many key areas of global economy. Among our clients you will find leading European automotive corporations, international banking institutions, key players from logistics, telecommunication and energy sectors, as well as foreign public institutions.

I get to work by car. Is there a car park nearby?

Yes, we have a car park with spaces specially designated for Capgemini employees. You will receive a free parking card after registration at the reception.

I don’t live in Wrocław/Poznań. Does Capgemini support relocation process?

Of course! The relocation bonus is granted when the distance between our office and your current place of residence is at least 70 km (distance measured in a straight line). The relocation bonus is paid to the employee once in the amount of PLN 10,000 gross. You can find more information here.

Does Capgemini provide English and German courses at various levels of proficiency?

Employee development is one of the basic principles at Capgemini. The projects we implement are created for the needs of international clients, so knowledge of foreign languages is crucial for us. By joining Capgemini you have the opportunity to learn German and English at several levels. Classes are conducted regularly and systematically and all employees are informed about enrollment. In addition, if you start employment in German-language projects, you have the opportunity to participate in intensive language courses.

How will I use German at work?

A significant part of the projects we implement is intended for clients from German-speaking countries. Thanks to this, you have the possibility of real contact with the language. You will be able to use it in everyday communication with the Capgemini team in Germany, as well as the clients themselves. It may happen that you will go on a business trip or you will receive a specification in this language. Do not be afraid of German, if you feel the need, you can always use our wide range of language trainings.

What benefits does Capgemini offer?

The offer of benefits that you will be able to use is wide and constantly adapted to the needs of our employees. You will find among them medical package, free Multisport card, life insurance or car subscription. Capgemini will also give you the chance to take advantage of a wide range of internal and external trainings, including those allowing you to obtain the appropriate certificate. For a little relaxation you can visit our chillout room. Capgemini also co-finances sports activities such as volleyball, basketball and yoga. Parents can obtain funding for nurseries and kindergartens. Those employed in programming positions will be able to take advantage of increased tax-deductible costs. You can find more about our benefits here.

How does the intensive German course look like?

An intensive German course lasts one, two or three months, depending on your level. You will spend four hours a day in group classes with teachers, while the remaining four hours will be used for independent language learning or introduction to the project.

Is there a dress code in Capgemini?

We want everyone to feel at ease with us, which is why Capgemini casual friday applies every day.

Do you have development or maintenance projects?

Capgemini is still developing and implementing new projects for existing and new clients. As a result, we have a wide selection of possible development paths. You can work both in a team that creates a new product or in a team responsible for maintenance.

Are there any chillout/gaming rooms at offices?

Chillout room is already permanent part of our office space. There are table football, console with the latest version of FIFA, massage chair and other equipment that will help you relax and gain strength.

Does Capgemini offer trainings?

Capgemini has a huge range of language, internal and external trainings, allowing certification. As an employee, you will be able to plan and discuss your individual development with your supervisor, which will allow you to choose courses that suit your expectations and needs. You can train both technical and soft skills. You will gain access to workshops, online courses, webinars, etc. You will be able to participate in our TechTalks, and maybe even present yourself during our events.