Get thefutureyou want

... is our philosophy, Capgemini DNA. Our lifestyle depends on the work we do, so it is worth taking the future into your own hands.


Capgemini offers dozens of positions and professional opportunities in various areas and departments. We support our employees in their career development, choice of paths, as well as changes in the chosen direction. We react to their ideas, innovations, we support them in making decisions, flexibly adjusting to their plan for the future.
At Capgemini, a lot depends on you and your plans for the future, because you can create it with us.
Just… Get The Future You Want!

Find out stories about the employees' who works at Capgemini in the Software Solutions Center branch. Where we take care of creating, designing, testing, maintenance, and development of software for our clients well known all over the world. We realize projects from many different branches – from logistic, automotive, entertainment branch, to public, chemical or financial sectors. We do not stay in one place, we keep on learning and we stay open for innovations.


Are you ready for the dev challenge?

We love challenges and good fun, that's why we decided to combine those two and make something for you. While getting to know us, you can take part in DEV CHALLENGE. You can find the challenge on the pages where you can meet our heroes better.

Are you ready to accept our challenge?


Meet our people, see how their work in selected areas looks like on a daily basis and how they tie their future with Capgemini.