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Hi! Meet Jagoda! Jagoda works in the IT area as a Senior Java Developer.
What she loves about working at Capgemini is that she constantly develops her skills and learns new technologies.


IT works like Java Developer!

Currently, she and her teammates are working on improving the performance of apps for the automotive industry. One of the greatest challenges is the transition from monolithic architecture to microservices. In their everyday work, the team use JAVA, Spring Boot, NATS, React, TypeScript, Maven, Gradle, Kubernetes, Docker or Azure.

Listen to what Jagoda says about his work!

At Capgemini, we support our clients by drawing on our specialists’ knowledge, experience and commitment. We use the latest and most recognized technologies to carry out the projects. For example, Jagoda as a Senior Java Developer is creating an app for asynchronous data processing using, among others, the latest version of Spring Boot and NATS. In projects based on Java software, we use technologies and frameworks such as Spring, Spring Boot, Hazelcast, Camunda, JMS, Apache Camel, Docker, AWS, Azure, Prometeus, Grafana, Quarkus, Micronaut, Apache Kafka, Docker and Kubernetes.

Development at Capgemini

In line with our philosophy of “GET THE FUTURE YOU WANT”, at Capgemini we do our best to help our specialists spread their wings. If you wish to reinvent yourself, we will be happy to help you. If you are looking for new challenges, we will see to it. Jagoda considers her future in front-end technologies and she would eventually like to become a Software Architect, which is why we provide her with the right tools and support so that she can pursue her career. We will do the same for you!
How? It’s easy:

  • through intensive internal development training (conducted by Capgemini experts), mentor support (joint planning of career development and development of technical competences)
  • through a network of external training with recognized business and technology authorities
  • by providing certification, access to courses and workshops (both soft and hard skills)
  • by accessing platforms with online courses and training (including Pluralsight, Coursera, etc.)

We also support multi-directional development on four career paths:

  • technical
  • managerial
  • coaching
  • project management.

We also offer language courses at various levels of advancement (English, German, Polish).



Java Developer

Senior Java Developer

If you are looking for new challenges, you want to experience unlimited possibilities and set trends in technological innovation – this place is for you!


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