The Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) brings together a team of consultants, designers, researchers, and technology enthusiasts to help world’s largest organizations move from challenging problem statements to innovative real-world solutions. AIE is not a next software house, but a real space where you can experiment with different tools, technologies and hardware to solve real problems.

In Wroclaw, Capgemini is opening an AIE to strengthen the network of 22 innovation centers around the world and to create new solutions for our clients.

If you would you like to…

  • be part of a team consisting of creative doers, working in a hybrid environment (mixing work onsite I in our creative space and remote),
  • have time and space that supports your passion for technology and be able to creatively apply it to real challenges,
  • experiment with methods, processes, and tools, both software and hardware (eg. expand the use of VR, Metaverse, 5G, IoT),

…then we'd love to hear from you! Currently, we are looking for


Innovation Developer


In this role you will combine all-around technical skills in full-stack and cloud technologies with agile product development in a dynamic, experimental environment. You will create challenging proofs of concept and turn ideas, yours and your team’s, into reality with all the newest technologies available, everything in our experimental AIE laboratory designed to support R&D projects.

You will:

  • be part of a small start-up style team that create and enhance innovative products/features and see them launched as MVP,
  • encourage and seek out innovative ways to solve problems, through the implementation of cutting-edge technologies, outside-of-the-box thinking, teamwork, organization, inclusion, and diversity,
  • be working with many unknowns, breaking down complex problems into solutions and sliding them into actions, taking effective short-cuts to help the team launch MVPs quickly, and testing hypotheses to further iterations,
  • be creating MVPs of web/mobile applications, test new frameworks to accelerate delivery, and experiment with 5G and immersive technologies (AR/VR),
  • you will have impact on designed solution

Ideal candidate:

  • is passionate about new technologies and frameworks, is proactive, brings new ideas, likes to experiment and see the results fast,
  • has 2 years of experience and feels comfortable working as an engineer across various technologies (full-stack, Javascript/TypeScript, mobile, cloud-native, serverless),
  • has an ability to finely balance high standards and speed in delivering tangible results for our clients,
  • has experience with agile product development and understands the value of UX,
  • strong development skills in some of the following technologies and at least basic knowledge/understanding of most of them: mobile, React/Angular, VR/AR, 3D graphics programming, phone sensors, embedded systems,
  • excellent collaboration and communication skills in English; German would be a great advantage,
  • mindset: Doing not taking, Build-measure-learn, agile, fail fast.

Join us to:

  • work in our studio or hybrid,
  • come up with new ideas and co-organize CSR events like Wroclove Gov Jam, innovation days, hackathons,
  • take part in our lunches and social events.