What will you do with us?

  • You will integrate and process data for Data Science solutions,
  • You will design and optimize statistical models and AI/ML algorithms,
  • You will cooperate with the Client and SMEs to refine expectations and get clarity on expected results of data analysis,
  • You will cooperate with data analysts, data engineers, business analysts as well as Data Science solutions architects,
  • You will scale algorithms for implementation in Big Data environments.

We are looking for you, if:

  • You have at least 5-years of commercial experience in Data Science projects in the area of building models to process and analyze data in various business sectors;
  • You have experience using programming tools such as: Python (alternatively IPython, Jupiter Notebooks) or R (alternatively R Shiny)
  • You are familiar with mathematical and statistical models as well as algorithms used in Data Science, for example: deep learning, neural networks, linear/logistic regression, decision trees, random forest.
  • You have MSc degree in IT, Mathematics or other science;
  • You communicate well in English (German language will be an advantage)