We regularly deal with software development for the clients from financial, insurance, logistics, automotive and many other sectors. In everyday work we use English or/and German. That’s why, for our teams, we are looking for candidates who can communicate in English and also for those who have a working command of German (for some roles - fluent German is required). Assessment of language skills should take place during the second stage of our recruitment process. You can expect a phone call with our recruiter, which will last about 20 minutes. For those employees who are interested in further development of their language skills, we have prepared relevant language trainings.

English For the English projects we expect communicative English in speaking and writing (B1/B2+). If you declare this level, you should speak freely and construct sentences on specific and abstract topics and lead substantive discussions on the subject. You can also construct transparent and detailed speeches, at the same time you can explain your point of view and consider disadvantages, advantages or other possibilities.

German For the majority of our positions with German it is enough to know the language at basic level (at least A2). You meet our criteria if you understand the basic grammatic constructions and expressions related to everyday life (for example information about yourself, your free time and professional experience) and you are also able to communicate in simple life situations.
You can discuss general topics regarding your needs and life functions. You can construct sentences
based on the present and past tense, using basic modal verbs such as: mögen, möchten, können, wollen.