Financial institution specializing in challenging customer services


Financial industry




UX/UI, DevOps, Development, Testing, Business analysis


React JS, TypeScript, C#

Business need

The client required us to create a platform and an application for selling financial products dedicated to customers who expect to receive an unique product offering. Application was intended to be real-time and should enable creating, valuating and selling the product with many parameters, which would be required by customers according to their specific expectations.

What have we done?

This project embraced design and software implementation for challenging customer service with aim to tailor the offer to meet their individual needs. We work in teams which are responsible both for providing appropriate solutions according to the business requirements and for adapting already existing functionalities to customer’s changing needs. The work is performed simultaneously in teams located in several locations as well as in an international environment.

The solution architecture is designed by:

• Web application which gives a possibility to present the bank offer in an attractive manner (the app is adapted to tablets and mobile phones);
• Integration layer with internal banking systems;
• Special communication bus which is used for checking the bank regulations introduced by institutions for financial market supervision in real time.