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Zintegrowane systemy przetwarzające duże ilości danych wrażliwych


Serving the public sector





Waterfall, Agile


Development, Testing

Integrated systems that enable processing a large volume of data

Business need:

Delivery of integrated systems in order to enable processing and analysis of a large volume of sensitive data with strong emphasis on functional and performance reliability as well as on high security level.

What have we done?

We have implemented a solution that includes:
• Building a central test organization supporting testers working in project teams
• „Shift left” testing and TDD (Test-Driven-Development) approach
• Emphasis on smart test automation
• Combination of testing processes and release management (testing pipelines, quality gates, automated regression)
• Advanced performance and load tests on dedicated and production-like environments
• Advanced security tests (OWASP Top10, static and penetration testing etc.)
• Access to the quality level in the program: intelligent reports, tracking relation between requirements, tests, results and found bugs.


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