Relocation Action

is a one-time bonus in the amount of PLN 10,000 gross, facilitating the move in Poland or PLN 14,500 gross for people relocating from abroad.

You can use the Relocation Action if you fulfill three conditions:

   worked for at least a year based on an employment contract,

or performed a mandate on the basis of a mandate contract, in an average of 40 hours per week,

or graduated from university and the university you studied on a full-time study was located outside of Wrocław, Poznań or Gdańsk,

or carried out the service on the basis of a B2B contract and it was not work on business trip,

  the place of your previous work or university you studied on is settled not less than 70 km from the Capgemini office you applied to (distance measured in a straight line),

   The period between the completion of studies and starting a job at Capgemini must be not longer than 4 months.


Relocation Action ++

is a one-time bonus of PLN 14,500 gross for people relocating from abroad or PLN 10,000 gross, facilitating the move in Poland.

You can participate in Relocation Action++ program if, you meet the following conditions:


    your current place of residence is outside Poland, at least 200 km away from Wrocław, Poznań or Gdańsk,

    the job offer you are applying for is one on the following:

Package of additional benefits

We can also support you with additional activities if you are moving to Wrocław, Poznań or Gdańsk from a location that is 200 kilometers in a straight line in Poland or from abroad.

Package of additional benefits, which includes:

  1. assistance in assigning a PESEL number
  2. assistance with formalities related to the bank account
  3. help in finding a flat (links to websites)
  4. assistance in finding a kindergarten / school for your children
  5. residence card for a family member (for 1 person)

Conditions for receiving

You can apply for the relocation financial bonus as part of:

- the Action Relocation after accepting a job offer,

- the Action Relocation ++ at the time of accepting a job offer by reporting it to manager.

- you can apply for an additional package of benefits related to relocation for 3 months after employment

Do you have questions about Relocation?

Write to us: The Relocation action ++  lasts till August 2022.