Relocation Action

is a one-time financial bonus and additional benefits that facilitate moving tothe city where you will work.

The benefits include:

  1. one-time relocation bonus in the amount of
    • PLN 10,000 gross (if relocated to the territory of Poland)


    •   14 500 PLN gross (if is relocating from abroad to Poland)

  1. one-off additional benefits:
    • assistance in obtaining a PESEL number
    • assistance in opening a bank account
    • assistance in finding a flat (links to websites with the candidate's / employee's preferences as to the flat's requirements)
    • assistance in finding a kindergarten / school for a child covered by compulsory schooling in accordance with Polish regulations

Remember that you can only apply for selected benefits of the Relocation Action if your current place of residence is at least 100 km (measured in a straight line) from the place of work specified in the employment contract.

Conditions for granting:

If you want to apply for a relocation bonus you should report this while accepting a job offer from Capgemini (the Manager will present you all the rules).

Do you have questions about Relocation?

Write to us: The Relocation action ++  lasts till end 2022.